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Sony Ericsson K850 Head 2 Head with Nokia N95

Several high-end camera-phones have reached 5MP stages. The Nokia N95 was the first that armed with 8GB memory, larger screen, larger battery, and the product is the flagship of Nokia. Sony Ericsson seems does not want to loose for the momentum, the company also launch its new flagship, the Sony Ericsson K850 (the K-series is purposed for camera-geek users). Another hot item that seems comparable with Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K850 is LG Viewty KU990, which is the successor of LG Prada that featured 5MP camera, the best fashion-phone in 2007.

According to Miles Flint, a chairperson of Sony Ericsson, the company is trying to offer the right phone for its commercial users by providing the users with the product that able to snap high-quality pictures, to listen to their favorite songs on the move or just stay in-touch. No doubt, those two camera-phones (Sony Ericsson K850 and Nokia N95) offer the choice between a viable digital camera alternative and a pocket-sized clamshell phone with camera for taking occasional snap-shots. The 5MP camera with auto-focus and Xenon flash produces true digital camera results.

Both mobiles save detailed EXIF information to the JPG files. The focal length of the Sony Ericsson K850 is recorded there as 5.18 mm, while the one of the Nokia N95 it is 5.60 mm. That along with the fact that the two phones have the same field of view means that Nokia N95 has larger sensor and you can expect better performance from this phone in terms of noise and dynamic range.

The Nokia N95 able to offer a cleaner looking image (look at the first crop or at the sky), the phone is very good ISO 200 performance indeed. However, if you looking a little bit deeper you will notice the price paid. Nokia has implemented some clever noise suppressing technique, which delivers smooth image. However, Sony Ericsson K850 can offer better quality in noisier images. The file size of the Sony Ericsson K850 is twice as big, you do not need to surprise, this is because of the noise reduction in the Nokia N95 loses a lot of fine detail. On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson approach is slightly better, as image noise can be fixed with specialized software, while the lost detail in the N95 photo cannot be recovered.

Both of them are Tri-Band HSDPA and Quad-Band GPRS/EDGE phone, which is able to offer faster connectivity speed (3.5G) than common 3G technology.

Sony Ericsson K850 Specific Features

The Sony Ericsson K850 is featured with Sony Ericsson's BestPic multi-shot capability and the new Photo Fix system for adjusting photo brightness levels with a single click. When the Sony Ericsson K850 is in camera mode, a number of icons on the keypad light up that quickly let the user know which keys access which functions in the camera, preventing unneeded menu navigation. The new pocket album application lets Sony Ericsson K850 owners to find photos quickly based on the moment they were shot as well as let them browse via thumbnails or full screen images like other devices.

The Sony Ericsson K850 is supporting HSDPA connectivity technology, which allows the user to enjoy a high-speed face-to-face video call, which is the perfect way to chat to other compatible phone contacts. The user can view a live video stream of their contact whilst the contact is viewing a live video stream of the user, which provides a realistic face-to-face experience.

The Sony Ericsson K850 is a media focus phone that allows the user to access all videos, music and photos with ease. The handset comes with easy to use video features, which allow the user to enjoy recording, playing and streaming video. The Sony Ericsson K850 can even stream music videos, movie trailers and much more. The user can enjoy music on their built-in media player or tune into the FM radio to listen to their favorite radio station. The good news is, the phone will be available in selected markets from early Q4 2007.

Sony Ericsson K850 specs include :

• HSDPA / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 connectivity
• 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches, TFT, 256K colors
• 35 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, auto-focus, video (QVGA@30fps), xenon flash and 3LED video light; auto lens cover, secondary video-call camera
• Storage: 40 MB internal memory built-in
• Expanded storage: (M2™) / microSD™ , 512 MB card included
• Size: 102 x 48 x 17 mm
• Weight: 118 gram
• Ring tone types: Polyphonic (72 channels), MP3
• Talk time Up to 9 hours
• Standby time Up to 400 hours
• Standard battery, Li-Po 930 mAh (BST-38)

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