Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Mobile Phone

After expecting for a long time, finally the successor of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, which is the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet made its first official appearance today. It was announced today by Nokia, which is the Finnish company at the Web 2.0 Summit 2007 event in San Francisco, California.

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is featured with the same sparkling touch-screen 4.13" display with 800 x 480 pixels resolution we saw in its predecessor. The most exiting upgrade over the former model is the added GPS receiver with preinstalled maps. According to the Nokia, it should be perfectly adequate and suitable for navigating your way around. Moreover, Nokia N810 will have a full hardware QWERTY keyboard, which will surely greatly facilitate text input. Some of you might need to get use to with this kind of input form. Unfortunately, the N810 retains the same VGA-only snapper we saw on N800 but this time it's front-mounted.

The Nokia N810 also featured with the new internet tablet relies on Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone to get internet access. Although the Nokia N810 does allow its user to make internet calls as well as almost any other internet activity, users can do from a personal computer. However, the handset is lack of mobile phone functionality, this means that you cannot carry out regular calls on it.

The Nokia N810 comes complete with the adequate 2GB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to 10GB through the memory card slot. According to the Nokia’s official site, the handset will be available as soon as mid November at an estimated retail price of US$ 479 (excluding local taxes).

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kathleen said...

it is NOT a cell phone of any type.
although you can make calls with skype or gizmo

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