Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Google’s GPhone to Enter Mobile Communication Market

Google is the most opportunist company that I have ever met! It is true, the hell yeah! Google has been positioning itself for the future, Google has already dominated the search on the Internet, revolutionized Internet marketing with AdSense, serving its users all over the world with web applications like GMail, tries to put office applications such word processing on the Internet platform. Moreover, Google has already acquired many Internet-based companies, such as YouTube, Picasa and more.

Google is not satisfied with the business that it has owned. Google has tried to enter the voice communication and the cell-phone market. Google want to be the pioneered on many other areas, such as Internet, desktop, mobile technology, or even fashion by creating women’s underwear that labeled with Google logo. Moreover, Google also encouraging many private companies to make many improvements in aeronautic engineering program by sponsoring Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Unlike Apple, which is the company that focusing its business in hardware and consumer-friendly product, Google is diving much deeper into the world of telecommunications, Google has been lobbying the U.S government for changes in wireless policy. Google is planning to use 700MHz spectrum auction in January, in fact, it did push for the fact that consumers in the U.S can buy any phone and use it on any carrier in the future.

Google is expected to bid on the spectrum, pledging upwards of US$5 billion in an auction that may net the government between US$10 billion and US$12 billion. People are asking, what is the spectrum will be used by the Google, and how it might fit in with GPhone plans, is the focus of media and Internet speculation. Therefore, what will be GPhone be?

In 2005, Google had acquired Android, the mobile software company. The Android/Google team supposedly has developed a Linux-based mobile OS, which one expects will integrate tightly with Google’s interests to provide a satisfying user experience.

The Google phone most certainly will support Wi-Fi and most likely 3G for wireless data transfers. Apple has come under fire for not supporting 3G immediately in the iPhone, although this is expected to change with the phone’s next release. The use of 3G also will make the Google phone attractive internationally. Some of people said that Google would prefer to implement HSDPA transfer speed technology in its handset. Moreover, Google will put GTalk (VoIP service communication technology) which is allowing people to hold phone conversations over the Internet.

If done right, the Gphone will change the wireless industry, at least in the U.S. Again, this engaging company will shock the world. If this movement has not been planed well, then the Gphone will be just another cell phone with some advanced features.

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Marguerite Jasmin said...

Hi Suray. Is that what the Gphone will look like?

Suray said...

Hi Marguerite, the answer is "Yes" :D

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