Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marriott is Banning Adult Movies from Its Hotels

Hotel giant Marriott won't be putting pay-per-view porn in any of its new rooms and says it plans to eventually phase out adult offerings altogether. What does the company have against porn?

Well, Marriott says it's because adult content isn't making as much money as it used to bring in. These days lonely executives have enough smut downloaded on their computers, smartphones, and iPads that they no longer need to endure the embarrassment of submitting hotel receipt with a charge for Anal Encounters 3: Just Bumming Around on it.

It's hard to argue with that claim, but it seems like there has long been an uneasiness within the Mormon-run company about profiting off of something that some people like devout Mormons, consider dirty and sinful. Now, Marriott Hotel can appear more family-friendly and conservative to its uptight guests, and it won't have to worry about the decision having much of an impact on the bottom line. However, think about all the bored travelers who don't bring their own porn and just want to get off in a nice, clean hotel room. They'll probably be driven to hiring hookers now. I'm no Mormon, but I'm guessing that's worse.

Via: USAToday

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