Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Beginning of Life

The passing on of life from parent to child is one of the greatest privileges that come to men and women. Seeing one’s children grow and develop is one of life’s great satisfactions. A parent delights in the observation that his child is like himself.

With the privilege of parenthood comes responsibility for the child’s welfare. A parent’s care of the child does much to determine how strong and healthy the child will be. A parent’s influence on the child, both by word and example, does much to determine what the child’s intellect and character will be.

This passing on of life from one generation to the next has physical components as well as philosophical. In this section we are concerned mostly with the physical components of parenthood. We shall begin our study of the human body and human relationships with conception, the beginning of life, which occurs nine months before the birth of a baby.

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