Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fight for Us

The sun, will never shine again
The lamp, will never bright as yesterday
The laugh, will never heard for a long time
The truth, have been humiliated

Corruption, collusion, and nepotism…
The triple triangular of the source of evil
Our people suffering in poor live
We just sitting and staring at them

They don’t cry…
They are laughing…
They laugh because they are the proletariat…
They are standing in the fake democracy

They always say “please give us hope…”
To whom they should give their hope?
Should they give their hope to the party leaders?
Should they give their hope to the government?

They have been fooling for a long time…
It just needs to be buried deep inside underworld…
All just have been forgotten…
No body care anymore…

We pay no more attention of it
The history will always be the same…
The same like the day before
Who will fight for us?

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