Thursday, May 24, 2007

Earning Money from Bloggerwave

Have you ever thinking about being a professional blogger or we usually say pro-blogger? It’s an interesting job, unless you’re someone that hate in working with words. If you think that you’re someone that talented in making a blog and provide qualify post, then you should think to join bloggerwave. This site contain things that you should try. If earning a money is your choice, then it would become your passive income for further time. I have join it, and now, I am taking some opportunities to let all of you know about it. You just need to sign up as a new Bloggerwave's member, then you need to wait for a while, your blog will be proceeded after its has approved by Bloggerwave.

As soon as you have been approved as a member, you can start taking a bit or we should say an opportunities of putting some ads codes in your site as an advertisement. Some of the member earn couple of hundreds dollar from this site. The system is you need to take some opportunities from images scrolling in horizontal ways in front of “Blogger Dashboard”, of course after you sign up as a new member. Oh, you have better have an account in PayPal, your cash will be paid via this way. Try it, and finally good luck for you!

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Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Hi I saw your post when I was on Digg. This company is definitely one that you or anyone else needs to stay away from. I wrote two post for them and still haven't received my payment. I blogged about it here. There have been numerous other bloggers who've faced the same issues with Bloggerwave

Suray said...

Hi opal, although I am still newbie in Bloggerwave, I think we should give them a chance. I am also thinking about the payment too. After I have written my first post, I am still waiting for another chances. By the way, thanks for your information. I do very appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about Bloggerwave. Is the system is taking a chance of advertising via posting information about the advertiser? -- Luiggi --

dude said...

Most of pay per post program, the payment they made only by paypal. And in my country, the paypal can not receive payment, only send. That's why I never can make a benefit in such of program.

Suray said...

Hi Dude, I think most of you have said is true. In my country, the paypal can't receive payment too.

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