Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Hesitancy

I want to pick you, before you fade off
I want to polish your heart, ‘till its shine will never dull again
I want to paint your face on my own inner self
I want to always sculpt your name in every of this pen sketch

Unifying the sun and the moon…
Shining over the days in full of meaningful
Figuring out the blindfold without tears…
Humming together, without mist wall

But, valley path is fulfill with a lot of curve
Asking to our self, getting uncertainty answer
I stay nearing, you move far away
Am I still on the bottom your heart?

I just want you to know that…
But, thousands of strings are unable to be spoken
Wishing that I could able to know it…
I’ve got no idea, when the mystery of the heart able to be hugged

Only the times that can able to say in sadness words
Nightly moon be able to catch the blindfold of the heart mist
To answer your hesitancy
Until unified, without separating again…

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