Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nokia 6300: Amazing Cell Phone

Lately, I’ve been impressed by the improvement of communication technology, especially cellular phone (cell phone). For a couple of times, I’ve been thinking not to attract myself with the gadget technology. Thinking for many times, I decided to get my idol gadget. Well, it’s seemed that I’ve spent a lot of money to fulfill this desire. Although to get the gadget that we need, we just need to prepare the budget, to the shops (cell phone shops), then pick up one that we desire, and then finish. Wow, I don’t think that such easy. Truly, I’m very sensitive consumer.

The problem that stuck on my mind is the cell phone need to be great in camera, large in storage, and so on. But if we realize it, in the couple of months, perhaps, this gadget will be an old fashion for further use.

Try to think and thinking again. Continuing to hold ourselves, not getting this gadget, I thought I will spend a lot of benefit that I could probably earn. Living without gadget, equal to move back and spend time in dinosaur’s centuries.

My Nokia 6300

A month ago, I’ve got it, Nokia 6300, truly amazing, this is what I want. Of course, I’m searching gadget that don’t shake my budget. The models truly elegant (slim), the buttons also cool, and using stainless steel as its material looks very impressing. Its screen has support 16.7 million colors (also very clear), 2 MP camera, 2” QVGA TFT (quite large), 3D surround theatre sound systems, and finally, it support file with .gif extension as its own wallpaper.

I don’t think that enough for advance use, the product also bundled with useful software such as Adobe™ Photoshop™ Album Starter Edition 3.0 and of course Nokia PC Suite. What really makes me very impressed is the ability to control our notebook via remote Bluetooth technology that Nokia titled “Nokia Wireless Presenter PC Client”. It had the ability to control the mouse and keyboard with your Nokia 6300, of course by synchronize your computer with the Nokia 6300 cell phone after the software that included by Nokia 6300 had installed.

Unfortunately, the internal memory that included by the Nokia 6300 only 128 MB, so, there is no choice besides replace it with 1 GB MicroSD™ memory. The memory needs it to store my music and photo. And also, this gadget, don’t have flash light ability to improve its photo quality. Anyway, I think so far, the product is truly amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Cool Bro! I think this gadget gonna be my next choice beside Nokia N70! The screen is very bright.

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