Sunday, May 6, 2007

Past Memories

Days have gone over…
Have no reason why it seems still on sadness
As in deep of the circle of the time,
Twilight will always hugging on my soul

The tears of the heart is waiting for you
Keeping the feelings on the deeply mind
Millions of dream mixed to be one
However, it seems will never fade you away…

The seed of affection have been seeded
The enchantment of the flowers seems never dull
Got no idea why the one always in the shadow of mind
Can you guess what have I thought?

Pen sketch in every step of words
Can only signaling affection
Will never growing the feeling of heart
Till never catch the certain answer…

Jokes and laughs seem like never fade away
Memorizing days that had gone with the winter
However, am I still capable?
Passing days without get myself on your side…

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