Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogging: Between Self-Actualization and Language Constraint

Writing activities in the blog is no longer a new thing, from younger to older people like this activity. Everyday, many varieties of blog topics can be discovered on the internet. Blogging is an interesting activity, no doubt that this kind of activity has made people that surfing on the internet livelier.

Nowadays, many sites are offering blog making and servicing in free. We might already know Blogspot, Wordprsess, etc. Each of them has their own advantage and disadvantage. No doubtfully, that during these periods can be said as the age of blogger. The term of blogger in this post is to be considered to point to the blog founder itself.

A blog can treated like an online news media. Blog can also be treated as a place to pour out every idea on the mind of its founder that considered as a useful resource that he want every people to know about it in free, but this is not mean that such materials do not have any copyright. The holder of its copyright is the people who had written the articles. Any redistribution of its materials should have permitted by its own writer.

To make a new blog can be considered as an ease thing. It can be also considered as a difficult thing. If we have thought the contents of our own blog would it be from the beginning of its period, or we might say that the contents of our blog are the reproduction result of other blogs or websites, and then we can say that such activity is an ease thing. You might wondering of how if the founder of its own blog is striving for genuine contents? Then we might say that it might be a difficult thing to be done. For further, more difficult for its own blogger to provide unique contents than other bloggers. I, myself, have felt this kind of experience.

You wonder if you are a people that born in the country that most of its citizen that are not fluently or even know about English language, yet, formal education system also not offering an English language teaching. I might think that you have to work hard to learn the English language by autodidact. Sometimes, you might think if English language is not considered as a lingua franca on the internet and your own language, (non-English language) has been chosen, as a lingua franca on the internet, then you might be the one that considered as the luckiest person on the internet. Why could it be? Because you do not have to work hard to provide what you want to provide for your blog readers that hungry with news and information that most of them are very fluently in the English language writing skill. In my humble opinion, language should not be the barrier for somebody to work. As long as the point of the matter, that you want to deliver to the readers, had caught by your own readers, then it should be appreciated.

Thus, I have heard a friend of mine was giving a comment in English language to one of the Social Bookmarking sites, has done a mistake in grammar, what he want to say is not delivered to the person that bookmark that news. Then he got a bad response from the bookmarker, he got a mocking criticism. Is it already finished? No, not yet, the other reader gives another comment to my friend comment that the firstly thing that my friend have to do is to learn English language until fluently then doing his own work on the internet. I thought that this was suck. Moreover, I think that my friend is very lucky to get that mocking criticism, because, from that day, he has been working so hard to pay attention in grammar and vocabulary. He wants to fulfill his own dream to be a blogger, to be a part of blogger communities that spread all over the world. Yet, I also considering that people must mastering English language if it not used as a spoken language or even second language in their country. Finally, although language is an obstacle for non-English language spoken person, yet it should not be a barrier to start your own blog, to become a professional blogger.

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Ramless said...

It is hard to determine someone from the language that he or she have mastered. To be a good blogger, it is not always to be judged by English language.

Leon said...

You can blog in any language you want. Some people use blogs to help with learning a new language.

The only thing to be aware of is that some of what you say may be misunderstood - especially if you are writing technical stuff.

Posts like this are better than ones copied from the Internet or articles because they are your honest views and reflect your passion for writing. Anyone can copy - only you can blog for yourself.

Suray said...

Thanks Leon, honestly, I'm admiring about the way you thinking. If it is possible, we should treat our blog as the place to shout to the world. Although our blog might not be an interesting place for people to stop and read, but we have tried to write in our honest words. Thanks bro!!

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