Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mutual Funds: Investment in USA and Europe

United States and Europe are still the first choice of mutual funds investment place. Until first quarter of 2007, the cash flow mostly still concentrates in both of these countries. This condition is the next aftermath of mutual funds investment works in the third and fourth quarter of 2006.

This survey is released by Bruno Lee, Head of Wealth Management HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) in press conference (Monday, June 11th, 2007).

“North America is the most attractive place for investment in regional stock (44%) followed by Europe-include Great Britain (28%). For the regional fix income mutual funds type, the United States bonds take the biggest share for about 85%, while the Europe only for about 10%”, said Bruno Lee.

This HSBC survey was taken on 10 investment managers. In the end of first quarter of 2007, those investment managers have gathered asset over US$ 4.3 trillion, 3.07% higher than foregoing quarters.

The stock mutual funds have giving the biggest contribution to the total asset (40%), followed by the fix income mutual funds (25%), the money market mutual funds (17%), the mix mutual funds (11%), and other (7%).

Those investment managers are AllianceBernstein Investments, Allianz Global Investors, Barring Asset Management, Blackrock Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, Fidelity Investment Management Ltd, Franklin Templeton Investments, HSBC Investments, INVESCO Asset Management, JF Asset Management and Schroder.

Those investment managers are still interested with the stock mutual funds at China in the second quarter of 2007. “Those investment managers have positive view to the stock market in China area”, said Lee.


Ch1ngL13n said...

China is the sleeping dragon. If we dare not to awake it, then people shouldn't do it. Never play with the fire if you don't know how to handle it.

Donald said...

US is the best place to fulfill the need of economic flow. Mutual Funds always put US as the center of its activities.

thiatsjang said...

Hi bro, Glad to read your post again. I think people will consider to put their money to other instruments besides banks. Stock, Obligation, or Mutual Funds are highly proved can bring better yield that saving account.

Jackie said...

Mutual funds are a good option although I prefer to invest by purchasing stocks of companies I feel are ethical, don't test on animals etc etc.

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