Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pay Attention to the Viruses?

If we pay on attention to the development of information technology age, its will not far away from the development of viruses lately. We can underestimate the evolution of viruses; we must not seriously pay attention on this subject matter. From this experience, we do need the basic tips to get our computer from such attacks. How the effective tips that can convince us so that we would have to be the often victims of such virus attacks? At least, we do not need to do some prevention as early as possible if the problem happens.

There are several tips to get our computer from the virus attacks. But, before we do some tips that I am going to discuss later, we need to pay an attention to the “excess” of several antivirus products, its includes the antivirus products that lack of attention to its user factors and the antivirus products that only focusing on its feature technologies. The impact of its conditions is a part of its user not comfortable in using such antivirus products. Examples of this problem are securities and policies.

Not the entire antivirus products can implemented in all systems, sometimes we need to make some rules so that can be invoked by these antivirus according to the system conditions. Several of the short tips below are quite effective to get our computer from the virus attacks:

  • Open any kind of attachment in the e-mail that you have received.

  • You may need to install any kind of un-trusty software from internet.

  • Do not keep on guard against non-commercial site.

  • There is no need to check every file, diskettes, hard disks, external disks, Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripherals, and all kind of items that connected to your computer that no belong to you.

  • Always convince yourself to communicate with other sites through dial-up (modem) or Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • Activate the features of automatic macro execution in the Microsoft Office, automatic script, applet, and control in the browser, e-mail, and news reader.

  • Do not keep on guard against peer-to-peer file sharing using tool or through the website.

  • Activate the file sharing in the instant messaging applications, such as ICQ, mIRC, MSN, or Yahoo! Messenger.

  • No need to pay an attention to the antivirus update from its vendor from time to time.

  • Reject any renewing activities of your application program that known has security problems.

  • Shutdown your firewall and let your computer to be attacked from the outside threats.

  • Rarely update your knowledge about virus and antivirus from the trusted internet resources.

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carmy said...

Paradox idea... Nice ways to keep readers mind from remembering your suggestions.

Tommy Chieng said...

Nice tips for virus prevention.

Suray said...

Thanks Tommy! Nice... Your site is full of tips too..

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