Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blogging: Between Global Competition and Multicultural Relationship

Sometimes, many things that happened in our life cannot be expected. It began from a hobby, then it has been evolving as well as what all of you (my honor readers) see right now. I love with writing activity; all most all subject matters that stuck in my head, I throw it into articles.

Nowadays, million of blogs entirely spread all over the world. It might have been reaching hundred million of blogs. The owner of those blogs, most of them are competing each other’s to gain more visitors day by day. This kind of effort is not an easy step of effort. The younger the site/blog, the more difficult to gain more visitors. If you think that the blog is still too young and not proper to be read, then the owner of the site/blog might say, “Thank you, for visiting this site/blog”. In my humble opinion, the owner might need to pray to the Lord and begging for your merciful, so that you might want to visit his or her own blog again and again.

Every blog owners are expecting that its guest that have visited his or her site/blog might consider visiting it again in the further time. However, the reality, it is not easy as well as we might already thought before. Logically, if some blogs have been gaining more visitors, then bigger chance that other blogs will be slighted by its own visitors. However, we might able to gain loyal visitors; it is means that those visitors are deserved to get our thankfulness.

Many techniques and methods, whether positive or negative ways have implemented by most of webmasters to gain more and more visitors day by day so that the traffic of his or her own site/blog get better from daily to daily. This is means that the credibility of the site/blog is better in the eyes of visitors. Blogging is an interesting activity; it can able to turn yourself to be addicted; however, it has already changed into an event of war on the cyber world. Yeah, the war to compete for visitors and it happened on the cyber world called internet.

Many factors that base the global competition on mentioned idea above. However, there is one thing that no doubt that the causes of its competition is base on money. It is not wrong that someone expecting repayment of his or her effort. Moreover, blogging has already considered as a profession. Nevertheless, to get certain answer, we need to turn our question to our self. Why we are blogging? Everyone have his or her own choices for his or her own blog.

Privately, in my humble opinion, a blog can be considered as a media to strengthen multicultural relationship. We might think that although we have never ever visiting a country that faraway over the sea, but we still able to get description about its place that cannot be found in the place where we live. One thing that for sure, there is always something useful thing that we can learn from the sites/blogs that we have visited, especially its culture. I have considered a blog as a media to unify multicultural relationship that is really a complex thing. The unification, more than the way of thinking emphasizes on global competition for gaining more traffic from visitors. Blogging is an effort to harmonize multicultural relationship crossing nations in this reality world.

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