Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coke Zero: Life as It Should Be - Real Taste and Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Zero or Coke Zero is the latest in a whole range of drinks from Coca-Cola Company as a biggest soft drink company based in the United States. Coke Zero is marketed as a zero calories product that offering great taste and experience of all product that have released by Coca-Cola Company. Coke Zero’s campaign is “Coke zero : Life as it should be : Real taste”, I am not curious that the product is targeted to young adult males.

Coke Zero offers a different people perception, when speaking about “diet”, the word “diet” seems to associate with women’s diet drinks. Coke Zero has already realized that this factor has influenced its customers. To keep the drinkers not being fat, the words “zero sugar” seem to be the best campaign for Coke Zero.

Coke Zero campaign “Life as it should be” has put a lot of fun on the internet, besides promoting soft drink; Coca-Cola also provides the fans with interesting site (check it out at Coke zero) to accommodate your hobby. You can be a director, creating a small movie and send it to all of your friends. Just relax, you would not need to worry that you are not experienced in producing a clip; Coke has found some old b/w film clips that you can manipulate by using an easy voice recorder.

As a director, you can add “the conversation” to your own clip and shout whatever you want and get your movie to be competed with other movies to get the highest rated and beat your friends. Feel free to express yourself because you want the motto “life as it should be” is always accompanying your daily fun activities.

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