Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google Sky on Google Earth: Planetarium - Universe on Your Computer

Yesterday, Google just announced its Google Sky, which is a new feature in Google Earth that lets you to explore the universe from within it. Google Sky allows its users to view the sky from within their own computers at home.

Google Earth: A Popular Desktop Mapping Application

Google Earth, Google’s popular desktop mapping application, is a kind of satellite imagery-based mapping software that combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrains and 3D buildings. This software has served the need of geographic information in wide capability.

Since the day of Google Earth was launched, users around the world has been exploring the world and creating content overlays, share their explorations with other peoples. Now, Google has launched a new feature on it, which is Google Sky.

Google Sky: An Astronomical Exploration Tool

Google Sky, a tool that provides wide coverage information about various celestial bodies, from planets to stars; it includes imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope and other sources. You should not surprise if the imagery is stitched together with more than a million images, because Google and NASA have already worked together on images that show the earth from space.

Google Sky has turned Google Earth into a virtual telescope, you can view all the constellations just from the earth, and you even can explore them in 3D view. You can watch how the planets rotate using an animation tool and more. Yeah, you can grab the cosmos right on your few clicks.

Several sky layers listed in this tool, including Constellations (Cassiopeia to Andromeda), Backyard Astronomy (lets users click through a variety of place-marks and information on star, galaxies and nebulae), Hubble Showcase (provides users with over 120 high-resolution images provided by the Hubble Space Telescope), The Moon, The Planets, User’s Guide to Galaxies and Life of Star.

Google Sky: Learning Will Never Be the Same

Google engineers have worked so hard, they have stitched together “terabytes and terabytes” of images and other data. A terabyte data can hold the text of roughly a million of books. No doubt, that Google Sky (inside Google Earth) will be an incredible educational resource for anyone who has a dream to become an astronaut or a geek that love something outside our earth.

I just can able to say “WOW”; learning will never be the same. What do you think about it?

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Chia Mimi said...

I looked into Google Sky yesterday and it's breath taking!
Let's all try to keep it this way.

Thanks for your visit and nice comment.

Suray said...

Yeah really awesome!! I'm still waiting for other inventions from Google. Thanks for visiting.

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