Thursday, August 9, 2007

SUSE Linux Preload on Lenovo ThinkPad T Series Notebooks

Dell and Ubuntu have working side by side to bring to the commercial consumers with the experience of the open source solution systems. This movement has broken the barrier for major vendors, which are always depending on corporate commercial solution systems. A big event that have just ended, from Aug. 6-9 at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo have once again inform to the commercial consumers with another choice of high quality products.

On Aug. 6 on the event in San Francisco, Lenovo and Novell have announced an agreement to meet the customers need; they have agreed to provide preload SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell on Lenovo ThinkPad T Series, a class of notebooks that invented to suit the business users. According to the planning of Lenovo, the launching of these series products will begin in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Lenovo and Novell Partnership

For the first time, Novell will provide maintenance updates for the operating system directly to ThinkPad notebook users and the rest of it will be handled by the Lenovo. Lenovo will provide direct support for both the hardware and operating system. This kind of partnership is the next step of the last agreement in 2006.

Before the event in San Francisco, Lenovo has offered SUSE® Linux on their notebooks before on ThinkPad. However, the offerings have been very limited. This condition has turned out to be a limited release that left the user to load SUSE® Linux on the system and to find support from Novell. This is not a good choice to enlarge Lenovo’s business to its potential commercial customers.

The two companies, Lenovo and Novell, have a long history of joining research and development for more than five years. Lenovo has Linux-certified on its ThinkPad notebooks for several years. Lenovo has already provided its customers with the necessary tools to optimize the Linux experience on a ThinkPad notebook. The Lenovo Help Center has been continuing its services to offer professional supports for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 users that started with the ThinkPad T60p mobile workstation notebook.

For several years, Lenovo has proved it that they are pioneer in Linux preload to the enterprise client computing market, bringing more Linux option to their customers. Lenovo’s notebooks are packaged to meet the uses in education, government, and the enterprise. By combining the tradition of Lenovo’s high quality and innovation notebooks with the stability, flexibility and security advantages of the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 operating system, giving the enterprise commercial customers the fully certified and supported Linux-based solution that they have been seeking.

Lenovo ThinkPad Notebooks and SUSE® Linux Enterprise: The Foremost Business Technology

ThinkPad T Series Notebooks feature the latest technologies along with Lenovo’s newest innovations, such as a Top Cover Roll Cage for ensuring the extraordinary durability, ultra-fast wireless connectivity with Ultra Connect II and long life battery with Battery Stretch tool. Yet, users will experience the business applications delivered in preload SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. The packages also include the productivity suite, an email client and web browser.

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