Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boston Dynamics’s LittleDog Robot

Boston Dynamics, a company that specializes in robotics and human simulation, has decided to build LittleDog. LittleDog is a quadruped robot for research. The robot is awesome. You might want to know whether the robot can handle rough terrain well or not. The answer is yes. LittleDog has a marvelous ability on handling challenging terrain.

LittleDog is a robot that is categorized as non-humanoid robot. The robot has four legs, which are powered by three electric motors. LittleDog's has sensors to measure joint angles, motor currents, body orientation and foot/ground contact.

The robot is controlled by programs through the Boston Dynamics Robot API. It has onboard lithium polymer batteries allow for 30 minutes of continuous operation without recharging. LittleDog also armed with wireless communications and data logging support remote operation and analysis. The DARPA Information Processing Technology Office funds the project to help scientists at leading institutions to probe the fundamental relationships among motor learning, dynamic control, perception and rough terrain locomotion.

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