Monday, October 29, 2007

i-mate Ultimate 9502 Review

The i-mate Ultimate 9502 is a new mobile phone with attractive sliding keyboard. Several things really amaze me from this handset. The i-mate Ultimate 9502 is not only a mobile phone with a bunch of built-in features, you will notice that the phone is powerful to accelerate the professional user needs. This smart phone is powered with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional edition, which is well known as the best choice of techie users.

The i-mate Ultimate 9502 has already supported the HSDPA connectivity technology, the users can easily connected with the Internet with high-speed download support. Featured with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0, the users will easily transferring the data all over the peripheral that supports those technology. Moreover, a 3.15MP auto-focus camera is ready to accompany you to snap every wonderful moment with slightly clear images. To take the advantage of HSDPA connection support, i-mate had already featured this smart phone with a VGA camera; the camera can be used for video calls. Finally, an integrated GPS completed all over the advantage points of this smart phone. This smart phone will be sold out at the price of US$1300.

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