Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MFA Sites are Killing Google AdSense Earning

Couple of this weeks, I have thought that there were something wrong with my Google AdSense earning. My revenue has slightly decreased more than I have predicted. What was happening with Google AdSense? Google AdSense was not making any cent and sense to me.

Lately there are more and more webmasters developing their websites and earn money with trickily, a strategy to build MFA (Made for AdSense) websites. Most of the cases are showing that the sites contain no value contents; they are even putting a bunch of Ads on the main page of those sites. I am sick of viewing those kinds of sites; this condition has been making the image of the Internet getting much worse than ever.

You might curious, where is the traffic come from? The traffic to these MFA sites is generated through Google AdSense and other PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisers. If you want to know more, I will tell you the secret of those non-value sites; the tricky webmasters put the ads that drive traffic to their sites through our blogs or websites like ours. This process is also known as PPC Arbitrage and it is definitely affecting your income. They just need to buy AdWords cheaply and then earning more from AdSense on the traffic.

It is getting me in frustration, I found on my Google AdSense report that a single click only worth for one or two cent. This is not making any sense. Well, I must do some actions, the very first thing is identifying the Ads that show up in our blogs or sites, visit the sites, if you have found that the target sites are categorized as MFA sites, please do not hesitate to get rid of it from your blogs or sites.

MFA sites offer an extremely low CPC (Cost-Per-Click) rate, those tricky webmasters are buying more and more inexpensively traffics as possible. This is also kind of Ads Spamming by fooling your visitors with un-useful information, the MFA sites. When the readers click on one of the MFA ads AdSense, which is placed on your site, you find out that you just making a few cents. The visitors leave your site and saying “Sayonara”, woops, it is really a hurting condition.

We have been cheated by those MFA webmasters; we send them enough traffic to make them earn even more and more money. This is imbalance condition, we earn couple of pennies and they earn couple bucks perhaps hundreds bucks.

We must stop it, help the AdSenser from the MFA webmaster’s Ads spamming strategy. Do not count on Google, because Google has already made a lot of money by selling advertising to MFA site owners. As long as the money is filling the Google’s pocket, they would not really pay any attention to such Arbitrage.

Well, you just need to use the Competitive Ad Filter on Google AdSense by manually to block them, for example, if you want to block all sub-domains from Blogger, you just need to input the URL of the site, just type Now, they will know that the honest bloggers are really hate MFA sites. Please, you must remember that you must no clicking on your own Ads.

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Ben said...

That's good information you've posted. It's pretty frustrating when you have a quality site with good, relevent content to see these MFA sites making money.

suray said...

I think that Google is no longer filter those sites. Google can get paid, why should they ban those sites, earning machine sites for Google.

Donncha said...

I got so sick of what these guys are doing to my earnings that I started posting my competitive ad filter on

For ages I was on top of them, earning a CPM of more than $6 or 7$ per day but over the last 2 weeks that has almost halved some days. Time to update the list again, I have another 10 or so sites to substitute shortly.

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