Monday, October 8, 2007

Sing Your Way to Fame

There are many singing contests out there and glamour singing competitions at many countries in the different continents. The main idea is to search many talented singers out there. However, not everyone is lucky to be famous. Most of them are hoping to be recognized by people.

I bet that most people love music and I am sure that you love music too. Do you have any talent in singing, which is the talent that you want every people all over the world to hear from you? Do you want to be a famous singer? If that is your biggest will, then I am sure that you will not regret to know more about Algeka, a house of the coolest emerging music videos around the world.

Algeka is the place for people that are searching the pathway to become an idol. Algeka brings together unsigned singer-songwriters worldwide to let music fans worldwide vote on the best. Algeka was founded by U.S. entrepreneur Norm Yerke in 2007. No doubt, that Algeka gives music fans the power to create the next star.

If you are comparing Algeka with other music video sites, there are several different important ways on how it works. Algeka supports emerging singers worldwide, for those whose videos are chosen for Algeka, are paid 20 percent of the proceeds from their own downloads. The more and more artists share their music; your favorite new artists get the exposure they need to gain recognition. Moreover, only singers that come with original songs and who have no record deal are eligible; Algeka finds the best, the ones that you do not know about yet. You must note that all music video submissions are reviewed before posting, only the best make it to the site.

After have been spending a lot of time in this, site and I have found it that Euphoria by Emilio is a nice music, he is a talented guitarist player. He can perform his style on his guitar, a romantic way to attract a girl for a man that falling in love. Do not hesitate to check out more music at, who knows that you might be the next emerging star.

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