Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AMD: The Spider Has Arrived

Since the launch of Intel multi-core processors, especially Intel’s first quad-core desktop processor over a year ago, there have been many rumors about AMD’s product line up. However, those periods has over. Nowadays, AMD has its new powerful quad-core desktop chip; the Phenom has finally arrived with its native quad-core design (four chips on single die). Moreover, AMD has taken the wraps of its platform for its new quad-core processor, along with the new 790FX chipset and RV670 (Radeon HD 3800) series graphics cards and then named it as “Spider”.

AMD’s first quad-core processor has revealed couple of days ago. After delays for more than a year, finally, the company decided to present its new, highly anticipated processor. AMD needs a fresh high-performance product to be able to challenge its competitor, Intel. This movement is intended to keep the balance of power in processors arena. Since 18 months ago, the Intel’s Core 2 processors have beaten AMD’s processors. Now, AMD comes back again with its new first native quad-core design (four chips on single die).

AMD Phenom 9700: AMD's First Quad-Core CPU

The Socket AM2+ AMD Phenom 9700 processor is a 65nm quad-core Phenom CPU with AMD64 technology, and 2.4GHz processor frequency. Features one 16-bit/16-bit HyperTransport 3.0 link (up to 3600MHz system bus full duplex), 512KB L1 cache (128KB per core), 2MB L2 cache (512KB per core), and 2MB L3 cache. Direct Connect Architecture allows for integrated DDR2 memory controller.

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