Monday, November 12, 2007

Cheesy Background Music Kills Website Traffic

Recently, I have visited many blogs that include cheesy background music on its main page. I thought this feature is bothering me in many point of views. I just do not get it, why would people do such thing. In my humble opinion, that option is just making the loading time of the web pages getting more and more times then we have expected. I eventually contact the blogger and tell him/her about it.

Background music on the blogs is not a bad idea to attract your loyal visitors. However, if the music is not fit with your blog, then it is a bad idea. The background music that does not fit with your blog is just killing yourself; your visitors will hate it. They will leave your blog as soon they are hearing the music and waiting for ten minutes to get into your main page. If you have a blog that put background music on its main page, please do not take it personally. I do not mean to hurt you; it is purely just an advice. However, if you are insist of putting background music on your blog, then make sure that your visitors have the right (by giving them option) to turn it of or on. This is just the problem of manner.

A blog is more than a diary. If you think that the contents of your blog are fit with background music, then you should follow your whisper of heart. Sometimes, adding background music can add more value and life to your blog. Just remember that your visitor is your king that should be served well.

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