Sunday, November 18, 2007

Increase the Rank of Your Weblog with Linking

You might want to know how linking can improve your rank. This statement is not persuading you to commit over-linking strategy for your weblog. To commit too many links exchange is not good for your weblog, if you want me to tell you in honest, then I only can say that excessive links exchange will kill your weblog’s traffics.

Search engines catalog your contents, they are looking for keywords and links, and then they are using those keywords and links as criteria to value your weblog with their own ranking system. However, you should notice that each of those search engines define some different algorithm to proceed the query from their users.

The search engines look at is how many times a weblog is linked to from other weblogs. Weblogs that are more frequently linked are more likely to have better information resources, which is means that the weblog is very useful for the other people that retrieve information from the search engines.

Weblogs that are well correlated with some search terms are more likely to be linked to from other weblogs. The best way to increase the rank of your weblogs is to be linked to from weblogs with identical or related keywords. For example, SurayBlog is better to be linked to from the Blogspot’s sub-domain weblogs.

A weblog that has the highest degree of correlation with a keyword is more likely to be linked with that keyword. This means that the perfect link is comes from a weblog with similar information to yours, but not competing, to maximize the effect of the link, you can pick up niche keywords as an anchor text. Make sure that your weblog are linked from many similar sites with yours.

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