Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Protecting the Safety of Your Kids Online

There is no need to argue that the Internet is a great place for kids and teens. Everyone can access all information from the Internet. It is like a huge city, which is available directly from your personal computer. Yeah, the city with its own libraries, museums, universities, places to have fun and opportunities to meet and chat with other people from all over the world. However, just like many big cities in the reality world, the Internet has its own dangers and hazards.

If you have kids that are frequently accessing the Internet, then you must concern the future of your own kids, you do not want them to become in touch with dangerous illegal and unsolicited experience neither working nor online with computer in general. You need to protect your kids from predation online, from immoral and unethical websites, from horrific and dangerous imagery online that challenge the values that you wish to instill in your kids.

If you are assuming that pornography and sexual predators are the only dangers that your kids will face on the Internet, then you have made a mistake, a big mistake. Many areas that foster hate crimes, the forum to discuss the best ways to commit suicide, the websites that teach the kids how to make bombs and weapons, the websites that encourage the use of drugs and even the areas where the kids watch others take drugs via webcams. Speaking about those freaky things is just making me sick and that is why you need to know the activities of your kids on the Internet.

Spying on someone else computer is not something that most of us do willingly. However, there are times when we must do it for the safety of your kids. You need to keep a check on kids surfing activities by using monitoring software. The type of software that can record emails, record chats and record the websites visited.

Recently, I have found a tool that can enable you to do such controls. You can use Family Keylogger to do these protections. The software that can enable you to monitor what the exactly information that your kids has sent through emails, when the email was sent, or even to record any passwords that your kids use to access his or her email account. They even cannot know that you are watching them. The program will reside in memory while being invisible for everyone except you. All you need to do is just pressing unhide key combination on keyboard to see what your kids were typing. By doing this action, you can have a clear record of their activities. Do not worry, you have the right to know it.

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