Thursday, November 22, 2007

Unlimited Interactive Online Tutoring

Nowadays, to be accepted into the favorite colleges, the students have to do well in school. There are many options to assist the students to achieve better scores at school. One of the options is online education. However, it is not easy to implement such tutoring method for the teachers and mentors. Many people still believe that face-to-face interaction is still the best education method.

Recently, I have just visited, which is a company that provides excellent online tutoring and homework help for K-12 and college students. follows the curriculum that used by the local school district or colleges that follow the state and national standards. The students can avail tutorial on any subjects, such as Math, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Moreover, the students can even file an inquiry if the subject that they want to study is not on the list. offers an unlimited monthly package for only US$99.99/month, which is means that you can have assisted by as often as you need live one-on-one assistance. I am not kidding, one tutor for one student. Moreover, the tutors at are always available 24x7 for all students. Do not tell me that I am not telling you this information.

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Robin Garett said...

As a teacher with many years experience in the classroom I decided I would like to offer help to students who were struggling in the regular classroom. I was new to the vocation of tutoring and began to look around for assistance in setting up. I searched bookstores and the internet and found many articles and programs including the Although some of these were useful, none had the clarity and sense of purpose found in the Wealthy Tutor System.
The Wealthy Tutor

Online Tutoring said...

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Akshay said...

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