Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vienna and Berlin: Two of the Greatest Cities in Europe

If you are a person that loves to travel to other countries, then traveling to European cities can be an exciting plan. Two of the greatest cities in Europe are Vienna and Berlin. Both of these historical cities are rich in culture as well as beautiful architecture. In Berlin, you can visit some interest places such as Brandenburge Gates, Pergamon Museum, and Schloss Charlottenburg. In Vienna, you can also find many interest places to visit, such as Schonbrunn palace, Hofburg and Heldenplatz, etc.

Hotels in Berlin as well as the hotels in Vienna are inviting and accommodating. There are various lodging options in these cities, ranging from simplistic hotels to more elaborate and luxurious hotels. However, what all of these hotels have in common is that hotels in Berlin and hotels in Vienna have the best quality of service and hospitality. This guarantee will ensure you to enjoy your stays in these magnificent cities. Whether you decide to visit Berlin and or Vienna, you can easily find great accommodations there.

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