Monday, December 3, 2007

Colloidal Silver: What We Wish We Knew

All of us want to stay healthy and fit. That is the reason of why all of us take steps to make sure that everything is staying in that way. Most of us would like to eat right kinds of food, practicing relatively stress-free lifestyle and some of us might take supplements for achieving or maintaining our body.

Speaking about supplements, do you know or at least heard of colloidal silver? Well, colloidal silver is a metal colloid product that is used as dietary supplement. Colloidal silver is some sort of liquid that had microscopic particles of silver. Colloidal silver is widely used by physicians to treat certain diseases and it works as a natural antibiotic.

A few hours ago, I searched on the Internet to find out more about supplements for achieving and maintaining our body. Here is what I found, Mesosilver. Mesosilver is true colloidal silver that does not have any side effects or interactions with medications. Mesosilver is an all-natural mineral supplement, containing only pure silver and water. Unlike most colloidal silver products, Mesosilver is a free gold colored fluid, searching like black iced tea. If you are unsure, you can test the product easily by applying few drops of the liquid to the back of the hand, if are allergic, you will see reaction within 30 minutes and if not, then, Mesosilver is definitely suitable for you.

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