Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Popularity of Open Source Software

Open source happens out in the open. The popularity of open source software has been increasing these days. Performance and reliability are the principle criteria for selecting software. Price comparison is also determining our decision to use software. In addition, open source software presents more support options, such as commercial, consulting and community. Open source software is much more than free, but it is often the first thing that captures the interest of an enterprise prospect.

There are many companies provides open source softwares. All of those open source softwares are available on the Internet. One of those companies is Corra Technology, known in the industry as CorraTech. CorraTech is a leading provider of open source CRM software to pharmaceutical companies and other large companies. Ron Bongo and his partner Jon Chakoff are the founders of this company. Presently, Ron Bongo is the CEO of CorraTech. Ron Bongo is experiences in technology, management consulting and finance.

Open source software presents an attractive option for companies looking for straightforward solution to a common problem. Open source can do everything that proprietary software can do, and even more. Moreover, the openness characteristic of open source can allow you and your team to learn more about the software than you ever could learn in the commercial world. Once we have leveraged these benefits, I am sure that open source can reduce the risk of our initiative and provide a solution that can grow with our company.

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