Wednesday, December 12, 2007 A Free People Search Engine Site

Today, I decided to write something new that I have found on the Internet. I just came across from a new people and information-finding site called - A Great Place for Search, is a free people search engine site available on the Internet that makes us easy to find all information about favorite idols, presidents, politicians, actors, singers and more. In my opinion, is better than the search engines because it can provide limit results to just people, we will not get a bunch of spam results while we are trying to find the people that we are looking for.

We can use by typing the name of the person that we are interested with or by a tag that has something to do with that person (for examples: blind, red hair, etc.). These tags can be created by other person or by other members. will return photos, tags that related to that person, links to places like MySpace profiles and other sites that they are showing up. Many people have mentioned that this site is faster compared to the other search engines. You can easily connect to people on, add, edit and view search results. Moreover, released a “Trust Network” that allows us to personalize our search so that any Spock connection we have will show up first. is founded on advanced academic algorithms that are currently becoming the leader in its market. is able to return all the results from the Internet in a logical and easy to navigate page. This is somewhat cool to find out where that long lost friend is and to find a way to contact him or her. An hour ago, I searched Andy Lau, a Hong Kong singer, movie actor and producer, using gave me what I want about this person. I am just amazed with this new people search engine site. That is why I am not so surprise if this site was selected as Best of Show at the prestigious Web 2.0 conference and for PC Magazine’s top 25 sites to watch in 2007. has opened up its services to the public for about couple of months. However, the site has already gained a leadership in a “people search” market. Should you be interested in this site, do not hesitate to visit the site and obtain more information. I am sure that you will find many interesting things on this site. Just try it and join this site. Moreover, the membership is completely free of charge.

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