Thursday, December 6, 2007

What Will Make Women Prettier?

The desire to look gorgeous is high on every person’s mind. Many women are turning to plastic surgery and breast augmentation to keep their youthful look and maintain themselves confidence. I am sure that you have already known about plastic surgery. Do you know about breast augmentation? Breast is a combination surgery. The purpose of having breast surgery is to make the breast larger. This is done through implants. In addition, an incision is made below the breast or on the areola, to hide the scar, and then a fluid filled implant is positioned inside the incision. Moreover, the implants is filled with silicone or saline, in this way, it will provide a natural and firm appearance.

On the other hand, many women also worry about their weight. What would you do when one great morning, when you wake up, walk past the full length mirror in your bedroom and gosh, you found out that you have some extra fats around your hips. Are you going to sit and depressed on your bed one again? Are you going to lie on the bed and sleep the whole day? Do not worry, I have a great suggestion for you, you need to have liposuction. If you have heard about Beverly Hills liposuction, which is the best there is in the United States where many celebrities makes liposuction. In addition, they have the finest tools and technology for comfort and save during the liposuction procedures.

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The Patients Advantage said...

This is a great blog. Thank you for putting this forum together. I have been reading blogs like this for awhile and for the most part people have had positive experiences with their elective procedures. That is great to see. I would be interested to know what your cirteris would be - or has been - in a search for a cosmetic surgeon. That is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the process - finding a good surgeon for your specific situation. My name is Mia I am the VP of Operations at The Patients Advantage. I am not interested in selling what we do on these blogs. What we do is at no cost to patients. I am interested in feedback from people who have already gone through the search process and or have taken the process all the way and had an elective procedure done. We have been in business since 2004 and the feedback we have received has always kept us in the forefront of technology and develop the tools that keep patients better informed on who the best surgeons are and the research tools about the procedures of interest. Please reply to this post on what is important to you…or email me directly from here or through our site; Thank you and best wishes.

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