Monday, July 21, 2008

Consistent Print Quality with Zebra 105 SL Printer

My father is a businessperson, in his 30 years of business; he has never had such a bad experience trying to order a product. He usually orders from larger distributors. However, he did not find the product that he needed. Then, he tried smaller company, but he never satisfied with the performance of the products that he had purchased.

Last Saturday afternoon, my father’s barcode printer went down, and he needed to find a replacement fast. As soon as possible, I searched on the Internet, then found the printer that he needed on I found that the prices were lower than other stores I looked at online, at least for the item I bought. Instructions are on the website and easier than filling out a rebate form. Moreover, the actual purchase was one of the easiest I have made online. I thought it was a bad idea to shop online, but I was glad that the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

My father needed an industrial strength bar code printer for his warehouse. Therefore, I bought a zebra 105sl printer from the along with an extra printhead. Later, on the same day one of its customer service officers called me to ask if I had bought the print head on purpose, because the one that I bought was not the right one from the zebra printer I bought. He helped me and informed me that I still got my order at the expected shipping date. No doubt that this was a great service, without it, I really could have been in a jam. Thank you for making my life easier by always doing exactly what you have said.

Note: The preceding was a paid review

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