Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hancock: the Lost Angeles's Superhero

Last night, I came to the cinema, watched the movie and enjoyed it a lot. Therefore, I would like to share my opinion about this movie to all of you. I realized that people have their own perception about something. Moreover, sometimes, our judgments could be differing.

In my opinion, Hancock is a good combination of humor and action movie. Many humors though say in the vein of Beverley Hills Cop that had a good mix of humor and action. Although the character John Hancock (Will Smith) goes through a number of sudden changes out of nowhere, He (Smith) nails the character. His performance is contrasting with his performances in his other movies.

John Hancock is superhero, a well-known man living in Los Angeles. He has several supernatural powers that can make him fly at supersonic speed, lift any weight and is impervious to all weapons. Although he is valuable to the police, he has a bad name with the public for his impudence, destructiveness and all-around bad attitude. He is definitely an alcoholic and rude person. He regularly catches criminals and save lives. However, his drunken recklessness invariably has causes a lot of material damage.

One day, Hancock saves a PR spokesperson named Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman). Having rescued from certain death by the superhero, Ray feels he owes Hancock his life, and he makes it his mission to change Hancock's public image for the better. Ray returns the favor by inviting the hungry superhero over for a thank-you dinner of meatballs, spaghetti, and family togetherness with his dubious, dewy wife named Mary (Charlize Theron) and son Aaron (Jae Head).

Ray gets the idealistic brainstorm to rehab Hancock with a personalized image makeover. Ray aims to turn the mutt into a better person as well as a more superhero. He submits Hancock to rehab and anger-management training, along with some prison time (even Hancock resists wearing an actual superhero outfit because it is too "homo").

Later on, Hancock discovers that Mary has supernatural powers as well. Mary reveals that they are the last two "angels" and have been a couple off and on for three millennia. All the other of their kind died. When they meet their other half they become mortal that allows them to be injured, age and have children. Mary is Hancock's other half and wife for the last of 3,000 years.

I was excited with these 100 minutes in length movie (if I had to estimate the pacing in that period was spot on). Unfortunately, all along, there is something oddly hostile about Mary's attitude toward Hancock, and at the 55-minute mark, a major revelation sends the story veering off into territory that feels unmapped even in the minds of the moviemakers. It seems that the entire potential premise to offer is frittered away, overwhelming gaps of logic come to the fore. Moreover, the arbitrary plot device serves to shortchange a story that could have gone in much more interesting directions.

Overall, I would give the movie an 8/10. In my humble opinion, the movie can offer an innovative look at a superhero compared with other superhero like Batman and Superman. I have not seen many quotable scenes, funny moments, and good special effects in other movies before. I expect this movie to make a lot of money at the box office this summer. Have you watched Hancock?

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