Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Nowadays, there is no point in surviving at the behest of quality compromises. Both, the manufacturer as well as the user cannot follow this devastating trend, as it is likely to endanger their very existence in the competitive world nowadays. This is the primary reason of why the performance-lacking and traditional printers are now replaced effectively by the cheap card or laser printers nowadays.

For many years, the high price of inkjet cartridge has kept users from freely using their home printers. The traditional silver-halide printing process offered by the local photo lab is increasingly under pressure as the quality and cost of home inkjet printer continues to improve. Currently, the cost per print at a mini-lab is less than using a home inkjet, although the convenience of printing at home outweighs some of the cost difference.

Considering how inconvenient it can be to go to the high street and how silver-halide prints can fade in the sun, I am adamant that it is now better, cheaper and more convenient to print at home. If you really love your snapshots, then it is definitely worth printing at home instead of going to the high street, but only if you choose the right printer. Luckily, nowadays, snapshot-quality home printers are getting much cheaper and much better, even as most of the publicity in field goes to digital cameras. There are many ways to share our digital snapshots. However, perhaps the most satisfying is making our own prints that are enough to put in a frame and hang on the wall.

Nevertheless, we have to make sure that the color printer cartridges are each separate units, it is much more practical to purchase the colors as we use them rather than replacing all of them each time one runs out. Moreover, if our home office space is limited, consider an all-in-one printer, the printer can function as fax machines, copiers, scanners as well as printer without the need for multiple pieces of device, this can save both your money and space.

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Judy Vorfeld said...

Suray: Good review. I don't know much about the smaller color printers just for photos, but they would be wonderful for people on the go and in a hurry for prints. In my case, I need to edit my shots, and they are mostly of creatures, landscapes, plants, etc. I have the Canon mp960, and it is wonderful for printing photos.

Suray said...

thank you for your input, Canon MP960 is really wonderful stuff for printing photos. I am sure that you have chosen the right stuff for your printing solution.

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