Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jayenigmatic: The Typical College Life

I love surfing. I mean surfing on the Internet. Blogging and surfing are the art of living in my entire life on the Internet. It cannot be separated. Blogging can rejuvenate my life; it can refresh my mind. On the other hand, surfing can add me more knowledge, I can get any information that I want just on single click.

Few hours ago, I stopped at Jayant's World and read several posts. The maintainer of this blog is Jayant Shekhar, an Electrical Engineering student in Manipal, India. I found out that this blog is covering about his daily activities as a college student. It seems that the blogger want his readers to get informed with his college life that usually ups and downs. On the other hand, he wants his readers to get informed with latest news, sports and trends in India. He is also a good reviewer; you can easily find many review posts in his blog.

Jayant always dream of the best things of life. However, sometimes he feels bored and lazy enough to make his dream come true. I am admiring his thinking methods. He confidents of challenging the best of brains, he is a quiet, reserved, introvert and shy person in my point of view. However, I am sure that he is trying to let people know about him through his posts, because most of people that I have met are trying to spread out his/her words through his/her blogs.

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