Sunday, July 20, 2008

zCover Ships iSAglove 3G Cases for Apple’s iPhone

On Friday, zCover had announced that it is shipping its iSAglove 3G cover for the iPhone. isAglove 3G cover costs US$29.99 and joins zCover's line of iPhone accessories.

The zCover’s iSAglove is a silicone cover for the iPhone that comes in grey, black and ice clear. It features reinforced corners to support a natural hand position in horizontal mode along with a reinforced layer of silicone that works as a "crash cushion" if the iPhone is falls or dropped.

A flip cover protects the dock connector from being contaminated with sand, dirt and dust, and the case has been enhanced with the 3G revision, with an easier, to press sleep/wake button, tooling for the new iPhone 3G's sensors, volume button and ring/silent switch protection and more. Moreover, the "Classic Pack" includes cover, screen to protect film and a disposable screen polishing cloth.

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