Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nouveau Riche to Struggle for Social Acceptance

To become one of the richest people alive is everybody’s dream. When I was a child I always dreaming of a Mercedes luxury car, a Harley Davidson motorcycle and an excellent mansion to live, but it seemed all those things are just too high for me. Unfortunately, we are not living in the comic world, which is why I just want to get some more realistic target for me, some people out there who have become on the first top of their own world, they who currently have become a pioneer of the world that I know and I have chance to reach it too.

Anyone who is reading the Forbes 400 list can determine that a different sort of individual is populating those rarefied ranks. He or she is less likely to be from old-family wealth or the ranks of top professionals who have led long, achieved the first top level in their careers. Whether you realized or not, those people are more likely to have created a business and become rich by virtue of its market value, most people called them Nouveau Riche.

By the way, have you ever heard about Nouveau Riche? Well, since several months ago I often hear about this term all over the net. Nouveau Riche is French for “New Rich”, it refers to one who has recently become rich and who spends money conspicuously, it is also refers to wealthy people who are not from old money or are not blue blooded. The term is also used in a pejorative fashion to refer to people who have acquired money recently, usually within one or two generations. Most members of the Nouveau Riche are unaware of how offensive their behavior appears to others. Moreover, they usually struggle for social acceptance.

A member of the Nouveau Riche may never achieve social acceptance among people with similar amounts of money. However, the wealth of a member of the Nouveau Riche has separated him or her from people in the lower classes. As a result, some of them find that the sudden acquisition of wealth results in unhappiness and loneliness, rather than a sudden solution to general problems. In addition, some members of the Nouveau Riche are well known for generous donations to social causes.

Undoubtedly, the practice of contributing to charity has long been praised as a virtue among members of the old money, but high society usually calls it flaunting rather than charity, when a member of the Nouveau Riche donates a large amount of money to a worthy cause. This unfortunate judgmental attitude has led many members of the Nouveau Riche to band together. They are forming their own charities and social circles where they will be accepted.

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