Sunday, August 24, 2008

Phone-007: An Intelligent Web Connected Spy Phone

There are many reasons of why people want to record every calls made on the phone. Parent wants to monitor their children, Company owner wants to monitor their employee, and many other purposes of these applications.

Here, let me describe some cases to you. Perhaps, you are an employer who gets anxious about your employees behavior, and you want to make a little investigation among them. On the other hand, perhaps, you are also getting suspicious with your spouse while you are away. This is a dilemma, because asking someone directly to get honest answers is doubtfully, the situation will become harder and more complicated. Rather than calling for a private detective and waste lots of money to figure those problems, you may think that you can do it by yourself.

Well, here’s we go, there is a time when we have to be a secret agent that serves ourselves instead of our country. Have you seen the Secret Agent 007 movie? It has been a great movie in its era. However, have you notice that all the stuffs that are used in the movie such as car, notebook, and phone, mobile and more other things have hi-tech touches and become state of the art in technology for present era? If you agree with me, then just like Phone-007, a phone that can be used as a spy phone, which is a flagship stuff from However, you must notice that I am not talking about James Bond phone.

Perhaps, I agree to say Phone-007 as an intelligent stuff. Phone-007 is a unique web connected phone with built-in spy bug that allow user to record phone conversation and ambient sound. The recording will start when ambient sound volume above threshold level set by user. Moreover, the ambient sound can be recorded no matter the phone is in use or not.

Just like another spy phone, we can record a variety of occasions such as parental control, elderly care, employee monitoring, and long-distance baby monitoring or even cheating spouse. Moreover, this cool stuff looks and works like a regular phone and yet it lets us spy on other people, it can record every call made on the phone without user knowing it.

Once a recording starts, we will be notified immediately by text message, email or phone call based on our setting. While the recording is in progress, we can listen in by either picking up the notification phone call and eavesdropping right away, or calling local Phone-007 access number from any phone. Moreover, to eavesdropping in real time, we can login to, which is a web portal that provides an easy-to-use interface to listen all the prior recording sessions through web browser.

Therefore, if you remember James Bond the 007 agent, you will notice that Phone-007 has closest aim as secret agent stuffs. Why bother yourself to call out for private detectives if there is an intelligent stuff to fulfill our eavesdropping mission?

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