Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drug Treatment Had Saved Her Life

A year before my friend’s father passed away, he had told my friend that she would be dead within a few months. She was only 18, and drugs had destroyed her life and her relationship. She went through three drug rehab programs and none of them worked. I remembered, she always went back to drugs and caused more damage. It seemed that she did not care about her life anymore. Then, suddenly her dad died, things have gone worst than ever, she spiraled own to the point where she no longer wanted to live. I thought her dad premonition almost became reality.

I was worried about her condition, I tried to help her, drove her to a drug rehab program, which is conducted by a trained professional. I have realized that it would not ease to take her to drug rehab. She always refused to accept my offer. I will never forget her response. She looked directly at me and said, “If I had completed this program, will you guarantee that I will stop to use drugs?”

Fortunately, someone had introduced me intervention technique to handle patient who was reluctant to enter into drug rehab. I remembered that he did not fill her full of unrealistic aims. He even did not try to offer her a quick fix. He only said, “Your family and friends love you, but you have to do what is needed.” Later on, she picked up the phone and called the drug rehab to complete drug detoxification program. I was surprised that she would make some progresses. It was a decision that could be as daunting and it could be frightening.

Now, she had graduated from that drug rehab over the years. The program had cleaned her body of all drug residues. She have learned that drug residues had been stored in her fatty cells and that the majority of her cravings were tied to small amounts of those residues releasing back into her blood stream. Moreover, the drug rehab taught her many useful practical life skills and helped her to realize about things that had led her to drugs. She no longer views herself as a drug addict. She is simply living her life in a productive way, and the power of drug addiction no longer has its hold on her. She no longer needs drugs, nor does she want them. If her father still alive, he would be proud with his daughter.

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