Tuesday, September 9, 2008

German Official Wary of Google's Chrome Untested Browser

A spokesperson of Germany's Federal Office for Information Security Internet stated that surfers should approach the preliminary version of Google Inc.'s new browser, Chrome, with caution because its security is untested.

According to Matthias Gaertner, the spokesperson, people should be aware that Google’s Chrome is a beta (test release) version and the Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security Internet still do not know much about Google’s Chrome security.

Gaertner said, "The point of criticism is the beta version, why does it need to be released in a beta version? But the other side of it is some very interesting new features that we look forward to exploring."

On the other hand, Stefan Keuchel, a spokesperson for Google in Germany, noted that it was standard for Google to release new products in beta because it gives the company more flexibility to work out bugs and address user feedback. Moreover, some products remain in beta for years.

Keuchel stated that Google Chrome was secure, even in the current form. He said, "Let me stress that Google Chrome is safe, stable, and really fast." Moreover, Keuchel stated that German officials had not contacted Google before Gaertner's concerns were published.

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