Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keep Blood Glucose under Control

Health is the most precious wealth that we have. Ironically, many people are live in a wealthy, but they cannot enjoy their wealthy because of having a problem with their health. However, some people too late to keep their health, many of them get diabetes.

Recently, my friend lives with her uncle who is single for live. She has considered her uncle as her second father since he is the one who took care of her ever since. Last year, my friend took her uncle to the hospital for annual check up. She was expecting to hear a positive result. However, her uncle was diagnosed with diabetes. Her uncle must be on medication or else he would experience some attacks that related to his illness.

People who have diabetes sickness should always prepare their diabetic supplies at any time. Day after day, my friend has to work to earn more and more money to buy the medicines for maintaining her uncle blood glucose level. Monitoring the blood glucose level is also an important part of treating diabetic person. Presently, my friend is using the blood glucose strips to examine her uncle blood sugar level, if it is normal or above normal. Luckily, every time my friend buys those glucose strips over the Internet, she does not need to pay more for the blood glucose free meter. It means that she could save more money to treat her uncle. I hope her uncle can get his normal life back.

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