Sunday, September 14, 2008

Learn like Beginners, Play like Professionals

Some people consider poker as a largely psychological game. The winning condition is not only depending on the hand that we are dealt with but with how excellent we are at analyzing every move of our opponent.

Actually, to master poker strategy, it is important to have a great handle on the game itself. No poker strategy will work well if we cannot recognize a good hand or do not understand how to build one.

A newbie learning the game of poker usually make mistakes as to the assumptions made during the game. The reason is because of the player is not yet so well versed with how the game goes. That is why it is important for a newbie to have a strong poker strategy foundation, which can make him or her play like a professional poker player.

The main poker strategy that a newbie must learn is by thinking like a poker player. Poker players are often categorized as aggressive or tight, those that play fewer hands but utilizes their instincts to be a champion of the game. When playing poker, newbie tend to think only of themselves and the odds of them winning that they often forget that there are other players who are in the same situation and condition as they are. Therefore, it would be very wise as poker player to predict and to anticipate what cards his or her opponents might have. This way, the player can able to manipulate his or her calls with some psychological tactics.

The proven way to improve our poker skills is to practice. There are bunch of online poker sites out there that have both play-money games as well as real-money games with low stakes. Each of them has its own online poker strategy as the different rules lend themselves to different types of planning and tactics. Part of being a good poker player is being strong at each of the different types of poker variants. As with all truly exciting games, there are many roads to win at poker and the part of becoming a successful poker player is the process of improving a great poker strategy.

Finally yet importantly, a good poker strategy should include reward and risk management. Winning in succession can easily trap a newbie to bet out of control. Your greediness is fully tested. In the long run, this will not prove to be a good habit because, in one way or another, recklessness will always catch up. A great poker player should always struggle to achieve balance between reward and risk during the game.

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