Sunday, September 28, 2008

Small Businesses Need Colocation Facilities

The virtual explosion of the Internet continuing day after day, numerous individuals are discovering that they require websites to boost their businesses.

Nowadays, market demands that we have an online presence. Without a website, our businesses will not able to grow and keep up with the competition. Many big companies charge extremely high prices for supporting online business. However, their size does not necessarily indicate that we would be best off selecting one of them.

It is hard to be able to compete with large corporations for small businesses. Being small, they do not have adequate money or resources necessary to build their own IT infrastructures and host their own web servers. Ironically, they need to have the facilities of large corporations in order to compete with them effectively or their businesses will not be able to survive among the large companies.

Therefore, colocation is the answer regarding to the problem that I have mentioned before. I learned that colocation allows our businesses to have its own dedicated servers without the high-costs of storing and managing it ourselves. We can place our servers in someone else’s rack and share their bandwidth. The benefits that come along with colocation such as the use of the proprietor’s power generator, air-conditioning, network and other stuffs that are needed to host web servers.

One of the main reasons for people considering colocation is that of fire protection. With bunch of servers in one location generating so much heat, fire safety is a concern. The last thing anyone wants is to come in to check on his or her own servers only to find it has been destroyed in a fire. Luckily, fire safety is of the utmost crucial in most colocation facilities.

Finally yet importantly, by using colocation, we will definitely have extra protection and security for our machines. Collocations providers have secure rooms that equipped with emergency back up, power generators and other facilities that will protect our machines should a disaster occur.

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