Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bali Bombers Describe Themselves as “Holy Warriors”

Recently, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made the remarks that the three Bali bombers awaiting execution in Indonesia are mass murderers and cowards and deserve what is coming to them.

The remarks was made as Australian media reacted with a strong feeling of shock and anger to statements by the Bali bombers at their prison Wednesday during an event marking the Eid al-Fitr holiday at the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Ironically, the Bali bombers laughed for the cameras and told reporters they had no feeling of extremely sorry over the 2002 attacks on the holiday island that killed 202 people, 88 of them Australians.

Mukhlas, who faces a firing squad along with fellow militants Amrozi and Imam Samudra stated that if the execution is carried out, that will constitute the biggest criminal act because they will be killing holy warriors. Weird, the Bali bombers describe themselves as holy warriors. Meanwhile, Rudd told Australian radio that those Bali bombers are cowards and murderers pure and simple. Frankly, they can make whatever threats they like.

Plans to execute the men before Ramadan were shelved over a delay in paperwork and a revised date has not yet been set. On the other hand, Australia does not use the death penalty and the government has at times involved in efforts to prevent the execution of Australians abroad. However, there have been no attempts to save the three from being put to death penalty.

Asked whether he would seek forgiveness from the families of Western victims, Imam Samudra said, "I don't ask for forgiveness from infidels, I only ask for forgiveness from Muslims." The statements provoked the Daily Telegraph’s headline: "Final insult, Bali bomber's last words: I'll never regret it." Moreover, its report: "Bali bombers still laughing". In addition, asking for forgiveness for one's past sins is a tradition during Eid in Indonesia.

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