Saturday, October 4, 2008

Barack Obama Campaign Uses iPhone

The Barack Obama campaign has generally been more aggressive than that of McCain in using the advantage of the Internet and the latest technology to raise funds and register voters for the November 4 presidential election.

Recently, the Obama campaign, in its latest bid to use Internet Age technology to defeat Republican rival John McCain and get in-touch with supporters, has released free software that turns Apple iPhones into political rallying devices.

"Obama '08: The Official iPhone Application," available at Apple's online Application Store on Friday, gives users "the tools you need to make an impact and stay in the know," according to the campaign.

The software that also works on Apple’s iPod Touch devices that are essentially Apple’s iPhones without mobile phone capabilities that contains information on Obama's positions on the issues, videos and snapshots from the campaign trail and news on the race.

The software enables Obama fans to automatically scan their digital phone books for friends in states where their preferred candidate needs more support. The software uses GPS features in Apple’s iPhones to find nearby Obama campaign offices or rallies. Moreover, it also features a green button marked "Donate" for campaign contributions.

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