Friday, October 3, 2008

Dentists Need Professional Liability Insurance

The principle of insurance is to protect a person or business from particular risks. This can include any from malpractice insurance to natural disasters to property damage and many more.

Recently, my friend has a problem with her teeth. She needs to pull one tooth, but she always having dilemma thought, to go or not. You may find it weird, because she is old enough, she always afraid of needle. Things are getting worst since she is not just afraid of needle, but she is also afraid of something will happen to her when she has her teeth pulled. Well, later on, I can accept it, it is because of her last dental check up was unsuccessful. Few months ago, she went to a dentist with her mom, she experienced immeasurable pain through the process of pulling her teeth. Later on, the pain has not gone yet, although she has been taking the prescribe medicine. Then, she visited another dentist and so she was asked to have some checking processes. Surprisingly, the dentist found out that the whole teeth was not pulled.

When it comes to dental malpractice, the kinds of risk can be far more significant, as well as far more costly. Dental malpractice can be generally defined as negligence on the part of dentist’s duties, which causes physical or emotional damage to his or her patient. Here, dentist should responsible for what happens to his or her patients. No matter how well dentists perform their professional duties, there is still a chance that their will be sued. Moreover, as the incidence of lawsuits continues to increase day after day, the need for liability insurance to protect your career is necessary, even if the law does not mandate it for your profession. Undoubtedly, liability insurance could save you a huge deal of stress and money in the case of a wrongful suit against your practice. Therefore, professional liability insurance is necessary if you are working in certain fields, especially as a dentist.

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