Thursday, November 6, 2008

INQ1 Phone Supports Full Facebook Integration and Skype Functionally

Hutchison's new mobile phone subsidiary called INQ has a new handset called the INQ1 phone that set to target the social networking addicts. The INQ1 phone is not that much to look at, a frumpy looking slider with a half decent screen, but inside is a huge amount of software.

When the first range of Skype phones were launched they were a bit basic and not that nice to look at. Then, things get better as time goes on, and this new INQ1 phone with its Facebook integration and Skype functionally is a great step forward.

When looking at the INQ1 phone is, it does not look like anything spectacular. However, when you take a closer look at the INQ1 phone, everything gets better. The INQ1 phone has a 3.2MP camera, but the old design lets it down a little.

The social networking angle with the INQ1 phone if of course Facebook, and the INQ1 phone has an integrated Facebook application that rivals that of Facebook's own work with the Apple iPhone.

The INQ1 phone is not about its looks, but rather about its software, like the full Facebook integration and Skype functionally. The INQ1 phone also has some other great software features, such as Windows Live Messenger and eBay tracker.

The INQ1 phone allows its users to view their contacts and text or IM through Facebook chat. The INQ1 phone also has HSDPA connection (at speed of up to 7.2Mbps). Look for it sometime this month with a price of £99 (~$157.00.)

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