Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meizu M8: The Real Apple iPhone Killer

People say that 8GB Meizu M8 is the real Apple iPhone killer. Well, Meizu M8 has been confirmed for a Chinese market. It will be launched on the first week of December of this year with "complete fanfare" (or whatever it means).

Well, for those fans all over the world, I have to inform you that Meizu M8 will be launched only in the Chinese market. It will soon release by electronic manufacturer Geek IT through their franchise network in India.

Here are some of the Meizu M8's specs:
• 3.2-inch LCD screen
• 3 MP web cam
• FM Tuner
• Music Player
• 3D Surround Sound
• Windows CE Bluetooth

Well, I got to say that the user-interface is looking pretty slick and well made. Moreover, the entire interface is made quite well, a lot nicer than it was before. Surprisingly, Meizu M8 had it multi-touch so smoothly implemented, so far most Chinese companies have not been able to implement smooth multi-touch image resizing.

I am so curious about how was Meizu M8 able to mimic the Apple iPhone UI with Microsoft Windows CE? Well, it seems that Meizu works in mysterious ways. The Meizu M8’s price will range from $384-$469. I wish Meizu would hurry up, get it license issues resolved, and get this gadget out.

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