Saturday, December 20, 2008

IBM, AMD and Toshiba to Develop SRAM Micro-Module Elements

Recently, IBM, AMD and Toshiba have just announced that they have jointly developed an element of static random sample memory (Static Random Access Memory, SRAM), an area which is only 0128 square microns.

SRAM micro-module elements are schema elements of most large-scale IC system level, such as microprocessors. SRAM micro-module elements can contribute to the emergence of smaller and faster processors, which are, moreover, consume less electricity.

Researchers from IBM, AMD and Toshiba has created the Super Mini element FinFET SRAM using highly innovative semiconductor technology HKMG. This is a very tiny, ever created, SRAM memory cell based neplanarnyh field-effect transistor, with an area of 0128 square microns. The new integrated element of SRAM more than 50% lower than its previous analogue covers an area of 0274 square microns.

Based on the successful establishment of a Super Mini elements FinFET SRAM memory using HKMG, the company IBM, AMD and Toshiba technology field position transistors plavnikovogo type (FinFET) as a very promising transistor structure for the memory SRAM, manufactured using 22-nano (and below ) Technological standards. New highly innovative technologies FinFET is an important step towards a more powerful and tiny electronic devices.

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