Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stylish Calvin Klein USB Flash Drive Sunglasses

Perhaps, it is all just about keeping stylish and looking fashionable. That is partly why you may spend the extra money in a set of designer sunglasses over $10.

The insane kooks at Calvin Klein have decided that it might be a great idea to embed a USB flash drive into their latest invention. When in its normal form, these sunglasses look like any other pair of eye-protecting shades. However, they hide a secret.

Along the right arm, you will find that you can actually detach the back portion to reveal a fully functional 4GB USB flash drive. However, too bad these glasses cannot store the images you see. I think that a built-in camera can be a good option for the next invention project. At any rate, these new shades will be available for $199 this October. However, I guess you should not be wearing your shades when staring at a PC monitor anyway.

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